With the new year 2021 approaching I´ve done some minor – nevertheless important – changes to NO FRILLS SAILING.com which will hopefully make it easier for you to consume my articles. Whilst overall theme and blog-system remains untouched

New boat on the blog: The First 27 SE

I´ve added my new boat, the Beneteau First 27 SE / Seascape 27 to the blog. Just like the page dedicated to my first boat, the King´s Cruiser 33 I´ve set up a page containing all information on the boat. I´ve started by writing about the First 27 SE in general, regarding boat data, technical specs and some details on technical equipment, comfort and set up. You´ll find this site by browsing to “My sailboats” and click on “First 27 SE”.

New page solely dedicated to the First 27 added

This site will naturally grow over time. Firstly I will add a section on the trailer and transporting-properties of this boat as soon as she is in my possession (which will be in approximately a 14 days time, mid-January 2021), I´ll then upgrade new pics of my particular boat and add every upgrade-project to the list at the end of this page. So, just as it is for the King´s Cruiser 33, I try to set up one page containing (or linking to) all relevant information on the boat itself – maybe it will be a valuable resource for future owners and people thinking of acquiring one.

Upgraded category menu

Speaking of “upgrade-projects” of my new boat, I decided to re-name the “Yacht Refit”-category. As the refit of my King´s Cruiser 33 has been halted this year in March and – at least for me personally – brought to an end, I will continue to write articles in this section of course but they cannot be considered a refitting a boat but upgrading. So this category is re-named “Yacht Upgrade & Refit”.

Better navigation with more precise categories

I´ve also changed the order of the subcategories which is in my opinion more coherent now and more logical to read them from A to Z. I would say, the last thing this website now needs is a good keyword-based internal search which I hope to have set up in the coming weeks. Small steps, indeed, but the sum of the details makes the whole. Let´s see, if I can set up a sailing-podcast in 2021 which would be one of the bigger projects of NO FRILLS SAILING.com but that´s still a long way off. For now, I am looking so much forward to receiving my new boat and starting to sail her. Have a great vacation between the years, dear readers.