This weekend I have launched the Atlantic Loop-project page here on NO FRILLS which contains all information on the big First 27 SE sailing adventure: Dates and timeline, the legs, where I plan to go and what I am going to do. This page will constantly be updated with new facts and figures as the project develops. Which project, you ask?

Finally GEKKO is going to sail around the North Atlantic Ocean!

Well, start by reading this article: “A little Boy´s Dream” which is a pretty nice first read into the Altantic Loop-project. It explains what moves me since I was a small child and what drives me now as a grown up adult in his early 40ies. With GEKKO, my new boat, being a very powerful, nimble and fast boat being sailed her first 500 miles, most of which single handed, I finally decided to start now. Now, or never!

Happy to present my sponsors and partners

The new project page also contains information on my partners. Such a project cannot be pushed through without fellow partners, that is clear. It neither possible for me to finance the whole venture solely alone nor do I have all the knowledge to tackle this. So I am very proud and happy to being able to assemble a pretty attractive group of people who believe in the Atlantic Loop and help me pull it off: Thanks so much, guys!

Meet my partners

“Partner”, by the way, does not mean that I receive this all for free! Mostly the aid is knowledge transfer or hints, is opening doors or making me acquainted to somebody who knows something. I of course receive support in form of reduced prices, but it´s far from being a fully sponsored venture based on donations. Telling me how to do things and which paths not to pursue saves me time – and money. This is how I do it.

What is next?

So I hope you may bookmark the Atlantic Loop-project page and follow my big First 27 SE sailing adventure. You may as well add me as your “friend” on facebook where I post regularly or on Instagram – where I post frequently – or on twitter. So what is up next? The page will be complemented peu-a-peu with new information on the #atlanticloop, this will be a live tracker for example. Next up in project realization will be further equipping GEKKO, my boat: Solar, EVA-foam, energy-management and so on …

3 years of big time sailing in a big time small boat!

I hope you guys remain alert and follow my efforts as I now – finally after so many years! – can start this big thing. It is a dream come true and excites me every time I think about it! Children´s dreams turning into reality, finally, with so many great people helping me, lending a hand, giving a hint, opening a door. Thank you so much, you all, and most important, you, my dearest readers! See you, guys.


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