Isn´t this the nicest sentence a sailor can dream of? Now it´s finally my turn to pack the stuff and get ready to board a plane to fly down to Lisbon, Portugal to join a crew of five. We are going to cast off with a brand new Dufour Grand Large 460 to deliver her to Lava Charter company. We will sail southward for the Island of Madeira first. There we are going to stay one or two days to set sails again for the Canary Islands.

Ilhas Salvagens, Trade Belt Winds & Lanzarote

I´ve been sailing on the Canaries earlier this year as I was visiting the exciting Island of Tenerife. I was so puzzled and amazed that I promised to return. Now that´s what I am going to do. Before we will land in Arrecife later this month, we also have permission to pay a visit to the deserted (and normally forbidden) Islands of Salvagem, the Portuguese “Galapagos” north of the Canary Islands. We will only be able to set a foot on these Islands under very special cicumstances and I guess the weather won´t be that kind, but we´ll try anyway.

Dufour Grand Large 460 – my yacht for the time being.

I am looking forward to the crew, the boat, the watches (especially during the night) at the steering wheels. I hope that the trade winds won´t be that boring and that we will have the chance to improve our sailing skills while underway. You, dear reader, won´t receive new articles until March 20th to 25th when I will have access to the internet again. Nevertheless: While I am going to enjoy this 800 nautical miles trip aboard the Dufour I hope you will have a great time too.

See you soon. Hoist the sails, mates!


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