Some three weeks ago for some reason I don´t know the amazon algorithm suggested that I should get a new pair of boat shoes. Normally I am more the classy guy, you know, and therefore I already own two pairs of Sebago´s Docksides, the slippers made from leather, fitting to each and every occasion. Hundreds of miles sailing done in Docksides, dozens of boat shows as well: They are awesome. So why change it?

Design and haptics are great

Well, let´s give it a try, I thought. The shoes suggested were from Sebago as well, the American company is well known for making practical shoes with a conservative touch. Campsides and Citysides for wearing on “land based” occasions and spare time, the Docksides are, as I said, the classic boat shoes. Three days after order I receive my pair of Cyphon Sea Sport shoes and unbox immediately.

Nice materials, super fastener and a great fit

First I must say, what I always like about Sebago was the fact that they offer a wide range of sizes. Not just sizes in terms of length and width, but you can also choose from a great variety of forms to fit your individual feet. As for the Cyphon Sea Sport, I was astonished how lightweight they were: Compared to those, the good old Docksides are heavyweights!

Perfect fit, easy fastener

The shoes are no slippers anymore by the fastener makes it easy to get in and slip out in a mere second. Securing the fastener is just pulling it tight, making it loose is just a press on a button. Very practical aboard. This is, by the way, the only thing I really hate about my Docksides: The simple and beautiful leather strips which make the shoestrings will open up certainly so that I´d have to make ugly square knots. Not anymore with the new Cyphon Sports.

A three week test

I immediately loved the great modern design. You can choose from three colors, gray, black and blue. I went out with the shoes to do the real world testing. Walking is like floating graciously over ground. No joke. Back the days when I used to be a race biker and Marathon runner I would spend triple the budget on a pair of high class running shoes. The feeling was similar. My pair of Cyphon Sea Sports cost 109 Euros …

After 2 weeks: Still feeling great

Whether it´s walking, driving my car, wearing the shoes in our office or – what they are finally made for – on a boat´s deck, the shoes are sweet-talk to my feet. No chafing, no point-pressure, just a perfect fit (I wear size 11.5), light-footed in the truest sense of the word. These are my new boat shoes for sure: They look awesome and after three weeks daily use I cannot see any signs of weak spots or wear and tear.

I got to have the blue ones too!

I slowly start to understand why women love shoes. Liking my new pair of Cyphon Sea Sports so much, I ordered another one. With a bit of a bad taste, to be honest: As black and gray are 109 Euros at various sellers, the blue shoes are 129 Euros. I got to have those so I ordered and paid the extra amount anyway, but checking at home, they are the same! I don´t know why the blue version is 30 per cent more expensive and find it a bit odd. Anyway, the shoes are worth the money and I look forward wearing them in real maritime action soon. Definitive a purchase recommendation!


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