It´s one day till Christmas and whatsapp is beeping frequently with so many nice and dear people sending their seasons greetings. One of them messages making my phone vibrate yesterday came from Heiner, the boss of Mueritz Bootservice – the very shipyard where my new boat is currently in build. “I promised some new pictures, Lars – here they are. Have a Merry Christmas!”, he wrote – attached a set of quick shots from the yard.

It´s getting there …

Last time I wanted to drive the two hours to the place to be an unusual strong and harsh onset of winter had completely set me off: With still summer tires on my car I was slipping and sliding all around, too dangerous to risk an accident. And as such I wasn´t able to see my boat for weeks now. The more I got elevated when I opened the pictures and looked at them: Quite some new things had been done by the crew.

A fore cabin in the making

For example the fore cabin. All bulkheads are in place and laminated to the hull now with principal attachments of the furniture for this area all being finished by now. Starting with a rigid crash-bulkhead in the front, the bed-area seems pretty finished. I wonder if Heiner will cut into the base sheets to utilize the stowage underneath? I also like the large lockers which are in progress adjoining the V-berth.

Fore cabin and locker

To portside a large locker reaching from the bottom all the way up to the ceiling with three drawers is in the making. Since we want to make this Omega 42 an especially lightweight boat, I am not sure if Heiner has planned to have real push-drawer here or if we leave it open and attach simple drapes here. The boat will weigh in 7.5 tons in the end, but the aim is to have most of this in the keel, not in heavy furniture.

The large wet hanging locker

To starboard side, mirror-inverted, another full-size locker is already fitted. This will be the wet hanging locker for oilskin and bigger clothing. A nice hanger rod has also been attached, just as if I could place my clothing here at any moment. The guys seem to have done quite well in past weeks although Heiner warned me that due to the big storm much of his labor force had to be dedicated in damage repair. Nevertheless, I am really happy to see the boat coming forward so much.

Salon and galley: A concept becomes visible

The salon seems pretty finished, regarding the raw furniture. The two 3-seating benches facing each other with the backrests and again some stowage behind are finished. I am especially happy that Heiner followed my wish to leave the entrance to the forward cabin open and “double” the width of the door. Doors, however, won´t be fitted here and as such a nice big unspoilt view from the stern all the way forward to the bow is now possible.

Salon and galley

The guys have also begun to fit the galley, which for me is still some “grey area”: 80 per cent of me are sure that I don´t want to have a gas-powered stove for many reasons, but the remaining 20 per cent love to possibility to warm up food and drinks when underway. I am currently favoring a solution that includes a 240 Volts 2-flame induction stove working when on shore power with a Jetboil, making it possible to at least have a hot coffee or tea when underway (or warm up a fallback canned food of Ravioli). So, here we are: Christmas is coming and the boat looks awesome! For sure, meeting Heiner and his boatbuilder´s crew is one of the first things on my list for 2024.

Merry Christmas, dearest readers!


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