Seldom I had written a faster and simple article than this one. Normally my “onboard cuisine”-articles feature a more or less elaborate recipe, a special dish on the occasion of a special boat or sailing trip. In this, something strange happened to me while I was on the maiden voyage with my new boat, the First 27 SE (formally known as Seascape 27. I learned to appreciate the small things. The easy stuff. Kind of “back to the roots.”

See her? The small boat in the background …

As I landed in Denmark the second day after some 50 miles single handed I tied up GEKKO to the pier, paid the demurrage and as I knew the harbor very well, I also knew that nothing was expected to be open, like a restaurant. So I shopped a local sausage in the nearby marina grocery and went back to the boat: Time to test my Lotus Grill in real life.

Small boat: Big Fun!

I bought this nice piece some months ago as I was keenly awaiting my boat to be finished by the yard and delivered and of course I had tested the grill at home, but this was new – on the boat. Utilization of the grill is pretty simple (and described in detail and full length in my product review): Just add a handful of charcoal to the stove section, turn on the USB-rechargeable fan and ignite a bit of burning paste. Simple. Convenient. Fast.

My Lotus Grill in action

Set up time for the grill is like two minutes. You sit down, relax and put on the edibles to the rost. I did not have finished the can of tasty Slovenian beer I brought with me from my last trip to that wonderful country when the wursts demanded to be flipped. The BBQ does not smoke – but it smells awesome: Two more crews arrived at the jetty to ask where this flavour comes from …

So simple – yet so tasty!

You see, I do not have a fancy recipe here. And that is all but the best I could write here. Remember my article on “go small – go now”-boats? Well, that is the follow up and maybe the essence of it all: Reducing the chills and the frills, un-complicate your boat. The rest will follow: Just a simple sausage grilling on the BBQ, a tasty fresh chunk of bread roasting besides – some slices of a cucumber, conveniently salted and a cold beer: What can be more rewarding?

Small boat – big fun!

So here´s my pledge again: Don´t go for the big. Don´t dream of things you can´t afford, you cannot reach and won´t ever be able to acquire. Step down a notch, check if one or two sizes smaller will also do. And it will, believe me! I´ve written a lot about boats of +45 feet, 50 feet and more. They are great boat, dream yachts for sure: But they remain a thing of sailing magazines, fancy Instagram movies and blogger´s desires. Check the name of this website: It is called NO FRILLS SAILING. And for the first time in almost five years I think I fully understood for myself why I chose this name in the first place and what it really meant.

Enjoying the small boat Captain´s life

So, chewing the yummie sausage, opening another can of beer, I enjoyed a marvellous sunset and reminded myself of the richness that my life had gained since I finally made my decision to go for this small 27 feet boat – and with it, to simplify my life, untangle the knots and overcome all those doubts. Be it a sausage, a fresh fish, a burger or a steak on my grill, the message is clear, I guess. Go small, go now!


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